Brauckmann of course has 9,500,000 shares, as does Kevin Torudag. This combined is almost 19 million shares out of total of 112.1+ million, or about 17% of the float (The # of shares shows as 216+ million now in stockhouse, this is incorrect). These folks are vastly better off increasing the value of their shares vs. running a scam, risking incarcaration, and drawing a relatively meager salary in comparison.

Not that it is exemplary of anything necessarily, but the company is doing a lot of good humanitarian work in Nicaragua, as shown on their blog. So this leads me to believe they have integrity. Also, the likes of Carl Hering and David Beling being involved (not sure of David's status since the merger, but he would likely still hold options) lend creedence to a non-scam.


As of 9/30/12, working capital was at $2.7 million, so must be well over $2 million in the till. In the January shareholder letter, it says this:

"We remain well capitalized. Approximately $2.7 million (CAD) in the treasury will allow for a complete exploration plan in Nevada, Colorado and Nicaragua"

Frustrating for sure that drills aren't turning in Goldfield, but I am taking advantage here and there to add at these low levels.

Posted this link a while back on the ICN board, but it remains one of my favorite nuggets of research, just look at that Columbia Fault slice right through Corazon's claims: