Any other old timers out there besides me who think this thing MAY be just another Venture stock scam? A set up to provide paychecks? Name changes and share rollbacks? It's a pretty quiet company these days considering the SP performance, and I don't see any insiders stepping up to buy shares at this price. I have 57k left and I'll ride those right into the ground, but it's starting to look like dead money. I predict they spend half a mil on drilling this year and that they twin a couple of good holes to try and pop the SP so they can do another financing late in the year. But after all the bragging about the last financing at the top of the market, they may have a hard time fooling the guys with the money a second time. Seven: Do you remember a few months ago when I inboxed you about my concerns after my phone call to the company?  You know,,,,the one where the country bumpkin on the other end laughed when I told him I was a shareholder looking for information and he told me there was no one in the office who could help me. I wish I had followed my gut instinct and sold right then and there. As always, all comments are welcome and good luck to all.