Don't think me a snob, but i will be a little hard ( not impossible ) to find, i suspect that you think the same. I left that quote on the CGP message board for the newby ( I only presume that )  who was asking where all the action was, lucky him he missed all the mauling in that stock.


There is a tiny pit stop of a town out in the boondocks a few miles from where I hang my hat, which also has a quaint little pub in it. The kind of place where all sorts of folks congregate, drink beer ( mostly ) play pool, eat ( occassionally ) and have fun telling a lot of outrageous lies. You got Bikers ( I don't mean the Yuppie weekend biker kind ) real bikers, railroad iron wrestlers, local business people, mill workers, and quite a few mom and pops of the senior citizen ilk. On friday and saturday night you might be asked to show some skill on the podium such as karaoke, or joke's as long as they are good and require audience participation, or whatever other unusual skills you might be good at as long as it is all in the spirit of being funny and entertaining.


In the 25 years or so that I have had the pleasure ( not every day of course ) of enjoying the atmosphere and good times there I have never seen a fight, the odd argument taken outside ) but no fights. This is in spite of up to 25 or more Harleys parked all over the place and unaware travellers walking in the door. The place is magic I swear, whatever burr got stuck in your butt will dissappear after a short while in this place. You will be become happy and smile continuously striking up a friendly conversation with a total stranger. Ice melts real fast here.


Right above the Bar (yupp, the old style with the brass rail on the bottom to rest your booties ) there hangs the sign "FREE BEER TOMORROW" ask the barkeep and he will tell you, yessir thats rite free beer tomorrow buddy. Should you be daft enough to return the next day for that free beer he will point at the sign and say,,, looking you straight in the eye " wazza madder kaint uu reed.