As of 9/30/12, 2.7mm in working capital remained. Safe to say 2 of the 3 cents in share price is backed by cash even now, also no debt. 112.1 million shares outstanding, 4.7 million options, 2.25 million warrants. Warrants all owned by Lode Star and average 27 cents. Entire phase 3 goldfield program slated to cost 1.3 million per recommendation in 43-101 report last summer. Don't forget pac rim to drill 12 holes early this yr at hog ranch. Jv calls for 8 million spending for 65% cut to pac rim. What's nuts is the gold in that monster hole core from may 17, 2011 is worth $2500 alone (3" core assumed). Therefore a 1m x 1m footprint containing 144 cores would be north of $360k, and I am not counting the areas between holes...this is how ridiculous the grades are in this area. Remember, IMZ cost to move hwy 95 is 20 million, or about 20x the enterprise value of corazon, assuming corazon has 2.2 million in cash. NUTS>