This company and the continuous purge of it's stock on the market intrigues me. On the face of it looks way oversold even given the current market slide and rampant negativism, and by doing a comparison to other juniors in similar condition. It has the capital to at least survive well into next year even if it decided to do minimal exploration waiting for sentiment to turn more positive and be reflected in stock valuation. It has prospects already showing good results that could turn out to be hi/oz- lo/cost. The stock float is not gargantuan by todays standards ( 100 million )  which by the way  is why past gold junior stock manias where so outrageously profitable, 20 to 30 million was the average float for a junior explorer.

Could it be that the continued selling for the past month ( after tax loss selling in december ) is mostly done by the institutional 35% owners of CGW stock? Why? Some of these investors will be taking a 90% hair cut here ( maybe more ) this does not make sense to me. I have not bothered to run the volume here but it is substantial, no one running any kind of fund or investment vehicle in PM junior stocks is going to hit the bottom and then sell. Only Gurus ( sheep scheperds ) do that. A stock owned 54% by insiders generally has low volatility in price and volume on a flowing time scale assuming nothing explosive is going on in this market or a particular stock. A case in point would be FCV and RDU ( I own shares in FCV )  both of which have weathered the fall of 2012 meltdown quite well. In my opinion CGW should be in the 10 cent a share range at least, half the price of FCV../..RDU shares. Is there deliberate price suppression going on here, are these real sales out of the stock or merely a sort of market swap into friendly hands. A phishing net put out to catch retail investor phishies ( stocks ) as they throw in the towel. But this is done to every stock that I own high and low, up a few cents, then the hook and down we go, sometimes to a new low. You can observe this right across the whole commodity equities market, just keep track of the days gainers including a large segment of the producers in the G&S sector. I have heard it explained as the HFT traders causing the problem, mindless ultra speed machines harvesting at every particle of tiny profit by pre-empting slower orders. Or the hedge funds playing the spreads and basically shorting anything alive as they see nothing to go long on and thus remain trapped. None of these arts of monkey business are adding any value here to the companies who need financing, the investors who back them, or those who trade the stocks and definitely not the market itself. Another few months of this and I wonder just how bad the damage will be, but hey !  The gold still shines and stands unbowed. To me it is all part of the web of deceit from the real owners of planet earth even though they are not personally pulling each and every lever everywhere, they created this godless machine from which they can with subtle pressures and nudges create great amplifications of discord or other effects as it pleases them. They have been very busy boys of late creating problems real or imagined, wars and upheavals and economic turmoil around the globe, for time is running out, no more secret curtains to hide behind, the internet is nipping at their heels filled with inquisitive and bright minds who do not sit around just watching sports and drinking beer.