As I mentioned in a previous post ( perhaps not here ) CGW and SMG are my gambler instinct picks. Maybe maybe not set ups that could potentially pay off handsomely.

ATN & RRI are great speculations ( I own both ) as take over targets just like CGA ( wish I did own that ) got snapped up by BTO.

I don't know what that bald shaved guy ( Brauckman ) has up his sleeve, but right now but he is looking at a 4 cent stock "oops" pardon me I see 3.5 cents pop up now. Hardly encouraging figures if you are looking at raising money. His bio is interesting, stock market background, Voip and medical delivery experience, and director of an international organization founded by Oscar Arias former president of Costa Rica and nobel peace prize winner. That qualifies Oscar as a UN servant in my book, in with the crowd that wants to push for global one world government right along with the other whole assortment of war mongers, stars, useful idiots and rockers of nobel peace prize winners fame. I know I know, my torture cabinet is unlimited. EECAAR, economists allied for arms reduction, Robert Schwartz, ( Broker ) led to its creation and register with UN. Uh oh mustn't rant now.

Can someone explain the "Corporate Development cost column" in the financial statements expenses. You won't see this column in most junior explorers or developers. 

Total 754K spent JAN:01/2011 to SEPT:30/2012. Corporate Development..... Hmmm.

Anyhoo......  $2,900,000 of the 5,390,000 at DEC:31/2011 has been burned away leaving 2,497,000 on SEPT:30/2012. Ok, it's not that big a deal, but a stock slide was staring management in the face so what where the plans for financing project development. 2.9 mill: goeth not far in this business. 

Insiders and institutional ( who are the institutional ) own a combined 54% of the company. They will do as they please, no doubt about that.

This company appears to have high level friends in Nicaragua.

Goldfields will drain them dry if they go it alone. 2.9 million..... pfffft. Spending that is no guarantee of a better stock price even on good results, the market tree shakers have other plans. Sell, Sell, Sell is the mantra to the fearful still in this market. 


SO, LIGHTS ON, Takeover? Private money? Farm out? New and innovative sources of funds?

I,m along for the ride, definitely.