CZH - Lundin abandons Crazy Horse Resources
[2013-01-23 12:55 ET]

FPX - Roulston drops First Point Minerals
[2013-01-23 12:53 ET]

DNT - Lundin abandons Candente Copper
[2013-01-23 12:52 ET]

ATX - Lundin dumps Argentex Mining
[2013-01-23 12:49 ET]


And Taylor has been busy too dumping/ abandoning/ dropping/  whatever, using the new euphemism for the foregoing " no longer covering"  Check out the losses. Don't feel so bad now do you, doing your own due diligence using that powerhouse between the ears is way better. This is another group that gets paid to be listened to and yet never saw fit to pull their subscribers out of these stocks before the market went into stock murder mode aided by tax loss selling.

Hang in there, stay busy ( buying the good stuff ) no more than 15% of liquid assets at risk. Buy real money, Gold, while that opportunity still exists. Load up on essentials ( don't go wild ) it's not that hard today. Relax and enjoy the company of friends and relatives, have fun life is a wasting option.

And once in a while blow off a real head of steam, get peed off George Carlin style ( minus all the profanity ) and just let go. It's good fer ya. Thats what I did a day or two ago right here on this bull board. I did however in my rant do an injustice to a fellow speculator and poster by remarks I made regarding parts of his comments in his post. I apologize to him ( her ) for my behavior, it was crude considering that I had no business or reason to behave the way I did.