Good Afternoon Seven. I don't think option D is ridiculous at all. I trade through RBC and they currently have this company rated overvalued with a sell rating. I know the rating is only someone's opinion, but the companies valuation is based on the numbers. I'm still here because I hope those numbers will soon go a lot higher. In the meantime, I may start to reduce a little bit. I've got my stop loss in as of today. I live by 2 rules when it comes to my money.  Rule #1, I never average down.  Rule #2, if something drops 15% I'm gone. So on this company I broke rule 2 but I won't be breaking rule #1.     As for the recent selling, It's mostly institutional, not little old retail guys like me and when you watch it on level 2 you can see how smart they are about it.  I also spent a couple of minutes checking your post history and I see that you have 8 pages of posts on nothing but ICN and now CGW. To me that means one of two things, You're either paid to pump this or you've fallen in love with this one story and bet the farm on it. For your sake, I hope it's option 1 and you're paid to be here. If it's not option 1 then I hope option 2 works out for you.      Good Luck to All