Is on website, clearly shows 2013 timeline for most properties, goldfield bonanza drilling from q1 to q3, hog ranch q1 and q2, (by pac rim), action on nicaragua properties q1 as well. Hering has been made vp of corporate development I noticed. Also like the slide showing the 1.6 million oz IMZ has nearby with red blob showing adjacent corazon property, funny thing is goldfield main deposit is as of feb 1, 2011, and much drilling has been done there since, and also the se area of gemfield not counted either, so this understates what's in goldfield...another slide shows the warrant structure, recall that first tranche of lode star warrants expire in april and are 44 cents................ over 600,000 shares now and planning to continue to scoop up more cheap ones in 2012 prior to goldfield bonanza drill start and resulting potentially-spectacular assay release...>