There you go again, basing your decision on very little knowledge....

For one I don't have a wife so that is not a problem...

second my kids are all in their 30's so they can look after their selves.

3rd I don't consider it gambling money, but I do consider it gone when I buy penny stocks.

My public portfolio-- up on some down on others like every one else in this market. Look at ROX I got in a 9 cents then 12 cents and again at 19.5 cents and sold a few when the hit 22 a while ago and picked up a few more last week when the dropped back again to 19. So I,m doing ok on this one so far.

Now comes the shocker to you when I purchased ROX .... WAIT FOR IT.... I got in based on the property and the drill results from 2000 and the  history of the Buchans mind and not based on the COMPANY CANSTAR.. WOW. But you go ahead and look at the company like you did with CGP and not the property.

But I will say this, if the drill results come back with nada then I will bail on ROX because that is all they have is the Mary March property.

so poked loser I will laugh at you for you investment decisions, I hope you make a bucket of money, but do yourself a favor and do your DD on properties and not so much on the companies.