poker--I got burned on 2 stocks years ago, by buying on what some one said and not on the companies properties. I talked to Rick Rule and Paul & Brent Cook on a number of occasions in emails on the phone and also in person, why to find out what stocks they are in, sure I listen to there stories like every one else, but I don't buy on there stories. I made money on CGP 2 times now, I sold half when Correa put the moratorium  on mining in Ecuador and bough back in again when Mckay started running the show. I also rode it up to 70 cents and back down to 33 cents and dumped 40% at that time. I also picked up quite a few when they hit 3 cents at tax loss selling. Did I make a good buy or not??? Time will tell. 

You ask why am I still long CGP.... I'm not necessarily long CGP as I'm long the properties that CGP has in Ecuador as I mentioned on several occasions. I still don't know why peoples get stuck on a company and not the properties. Did you do any DD on the history of mining in Ecuador over the years?? Well if you did you would find that not much was done by big mining companies mostly artisanal miners and they find gold every where, so the properties in Ecuador are what count; I know that political situation in Ecuador could change in a heart beat and that is a chance I,m willing to take. If CGP goes to zero as you say then I will move over to who every gets the properties in Ecuador. I made a killing on Aurilian Resources in Ecuador and I believe that there are still other properties there that are as good or better. Do CGP hold any of those properties? who knows until the drilling starts. Intrepid drilled and missed on one property soon Sologold will be drilling, will they hit, who knows until the drilling starts, if they do or don't I will be there. Then you got Newmont waiting on the side lines to get started on another property in Ecuador, why do you think all these companies want to get into Ecuador? Well that is a question you have to ask yourself but it is not because of CGP, maybe it is the potential of the properties there!!!

Then you say and I quote " The joke is on you because you are still long" well explain it to me how you know that the properties are garbage with no chance of finding gold and I will take your advise and move out of CGP. So I don't know how the joke is on me by hoping in a property in Ecuador might make me money??????