wordsout-- Don't pay pokerloser any mind. He/she is one of those posters that believes that the venture exchange is an investment the same as mid & large caps. When I put money into these types of plays the day my order is fill at that time I kiss that money goodbye. If it comes back with a return then yahoo if not, then I already had it written off any way.


As for CGP, it is no secret that I'm positive on this company for many reasons. I like that they follow the JV model, which keeps us into the game as things move along. Also I like the idea that we are in Ecuador and Chile. Also I talk to management as often as I like and always have my question answered. We are forming JV on a pretty regular basic on different properties. How many do we have at this point in time I believe 5 JV, 3 in Ecuador, 2 in Newfie. Also we have confidentiality agreements in place in Chile.

Now having said all that I also recognize that there is negative points in all those points that I mentioned so I'm don't consider myself ignorant to those points also. The risk/reward aspect with CGP out ways the negatives for me and as many posters continually point out this may go zero I agree or it may go to 10 bucks also. So for me I let pokerloser flap away and I am still picking more shares up as often as possible as people dump for tax lost.

If the ship goes down their are always more floating by to get on board.;)