so, turns out this is a company with a market cap around 7 mio $, gets the major of all majors to spend 8 mio $ to do their exploration within three years. There should soon be a steady stream of probably good news out of this company, building on successful drilling in 2012. That alone shoul begin to move the stock price.

I see a large open pit mine with a heap leach pad at its site (provided they get the permits). Metallurgy can still screw this up, but usually grades around 1 g/t are profitable if you have bulk tonnage, an easily accessable superficial deposit and short transportation ways.

Going over their maps and cross sections, it is very clear that they have far more value in the ground than their market cap. I mean like more than a hundred times more.

There is the risk of further dilution of shares, which is very likely. That will provide some overhang of supply for the stock. Should not be too much of a problem once this stock begins to move.

The chart is interesting. Seems the stock has been consolidating for almost a year and now sits exactly on the intersection of the 200 dma with a 50 dma piercing it from below.

All in all, an interesting speculation, likely to pay out big within a few years.