beats Yukon dreaming cause it's now a bust, at least pretty well for this year. ATC the Yukon poster child at $10.00 a share recently can probably be picked up for less than a lowly buck soon. No money for the Yukon prospects folks and I am considering selling my remaining junior stocks operating there, TAK and ACP and with the paltry few grand move on to better pastures. Durango and Sonora in Mexico come to mind great weather, low cost exploration, low cost mining production avg: $500 to $800 oz for the smaller producers in the 100K to 400K oz per annum range, and currently of course shares also priced at subsurface levels. The current curse on the precious metals ( basically gold ) will prove to be the fuel for a full on feast when the big board starts to shake and inflation ( yes inflation ) which so far they have hidden quite well becomes manifest and obvious. There is not a single CB in any country ( other than Germany for now ) that does not have the money spiggot on full bore. The current exercise on gold is to buy time keeping the price of gold from telling an early tale of debased fiat currency, scooping up real assets including gold in humungus amounts before the currencies reach their true intrinsic value...... Zero.