1. We're waiting for Teck. We NEED "Blue Sky" and Teck could give it to us by funding Golden Mile drilling. They've had the results of the overburden drilling for a while now and getting their funding for some actual diamond drilling would expand our hopes exponentially.


2. Somebody to drill our Yukon properties. ATAC just got some BIG bucks on their property and we've got properties right in the area of ATAC and probably some BETTER ones not too far away. It's looking like we won't see any drilling on our Yukon properties again this year and that's really depressing. The actual drill season hasn't got going yet so maybe we still have a chance?


3. I guess we're still waiting for some monetization of something but if we actually got it it would really shock me. BUT, we're talking about guys that actually got that DOWA deal so I wouldn't be surprised by anything these fellows come up with.