The new MD&A is out. They have $267k in cash. That should hold them for quite a while considering how much they've cut expenses.


Garfield talked about "monetizing" assets and certainly the most likely for that would be the property next door to Fenn Gibb. With gold looking soft and the market so lousy I'm not sure Lake Shore would want to spend much money right now, but if they did, THAT property would seem to be at the top of their list. I know that Constantine wanted to drill there themselves BEFORE they dickered with Lake Shore, but considering the current climate I suppose they might be willing to take some decent cash and a nice NSR for that property. That's just conjecture on my part but I'm not sure what other properties they have that could be sold the way the market is...


After last years pretty bad results for the Yukon drillers that whole area has lost most of its pizzazz, but Constantine and Carlin still have their property up there and they've done a LOT of surface work so if ANY Jr. is looking for easy entry into that area THIS property would be an excellent JV opportunity. They'd have to have enough cash to do some decent drilling (and how many have that?), but if they could find somebody to JV up there it could give CEM and CGD shareholders another exposure to drilling THIS summer.


Regarding Golden Mile, in the MD&A they say that all the work was completed by the end of February. That means that samples from the overburden drilling are probably at the lab and we might get some news from Teck in the not too distant. If Teck likes the results then the question might be whether Teck would allow immediate diamond drilling or if they'd prefer to wait for next fall since drilling is easier after freezeup. The main thing is that they get some GOOD results from the "gold in soil" numbers. This is the only property that covers the intersection of Porcupine and Pipestone so hopes are high with this property. All the overburden makes drilling this comparable to looking for a golden needle in a massive haystack though, so we really could use some nice lab results to get Teck to spring for a decent drill program.


I sure would like to see them "monetize" something because I'd really like to see them get enough cash to drill those shallow holes on Vein #2.