Especially when juniors are starved for money

Under the terms of the Agreement, Dowa has the option to earn a 49% interest in the Project by making aggregate expenditures of US$22,000,000 over a four year period. Expenditures for each year shall not be less than US$3,000,000, with Dowa funding a minimum of US$3,000,000 in year one as a firm commitment. Included in the aggregate expenditure are cash payments to Constantine totalling US$1,250,000 over four years, of which US$500,000 was received upon signing of the Agreement. Following Dowa completing the required earn-in expenditures and exercising their option, a 51:49 joint venture between Constantine (51%) and Dowa (49%) for the Project will be formed. The Agreement also includes terms that allow Dowa to acquire certain zinc and copper off-take rights in stages, during and upon completion of the earn-in option period