Casey Investment Alert, at the top of the list of proud winners touted here by CI is Bre-X at 5000 plus Percent. I somhow think that I would have avoided mentioning Bre-X in this testimonial. The effect the Bre-X scam had on the junior gold & silver equities market was not unlike the devastion at the site of an above ground nuclear test site, dead ground zero for years.


Way to go CI, what is important here are the super duper gains to impress potential suscribers never mind that you were duped on this scam and so were hordes of investors ( not in the know ) who lost a bundle. I saw through this whole Walsh, Guzman tihsllub ( read from right to left ) right from the start and even wrote about it.


A number of people up in the financial and banking sector knew it too but cashed in big time on the euphoria, got out at just the right time and the rest is bag holder history.


Be proud CI, be proud.............. Willie




Alliance of Elite Investors Hits Rare Milestone