I'd like to recommend a stock. I have quite a bit of this stock, but it's still trading within about 1 cent of my average even though I've been following and buying it for several months.


If it was running up I wouldn't mention it because that would be like pumping your own stock to get it higher so you can unload on the naive masses.


This stock isn't running at all. There's quite a bit on the offer at a pretty fair price. I like it because it has some REALLY good management and especially because it has more cash value than it's currently selling for. It also has a pretty tight share structure (in this market).


As far as assets it has some royalties on some properties and shares in a company that has royalties on some properties.


The company has about $5.5 million in CASH and it's looking for its next deal in the resource market. It concentrates on oil & gas, but it's not averse to looking at minerals.


I think it's pretty SAFE since it's worth more than it's selling for and I don't think the management will try to abscond with the money. They might though, so consider that possibility.


I think it has potential because the management seems very knowledgeable and savvy and has leveraged their money in the past very favorably.


It could take a while (in speculative investment terms), like a few months or more but it seems like a good shot to do 50-100% or maybe a lot more if you have patience.


I forgot to mention the stock. It's Vulcan Minerals... VUL.V


If you find this post repulsive I apologize. I'll try not to do this again...