circa: 1965


And the beeeeat goes onnnnnn........  the beeeat goes... onnnnnnnn. Great stuff back then and hearing that old tune made me think it quite applicable to the current G&S equities doldrums. But the beat did stop going on cause things change.


Queen.....1970 ish


Scada title................. Scaaaaaadaaa .... they're gonna come an get us.......... I no longer remember the exact words to this piece but it was great and still ever more pertinent, rare for hard rock. Freddy Mercury lead singer was gay ( probably a bicycle ) so the group never made much of a hit with a lot of straight folks back then, definitely not with that section that became known as red necks. It was an age of great excess in any case.  I'm neither gay nor liberal, but I would be a total failure as a judge or jailer. Live and let live is my motto insofar as that would be attainable given a situation. Obviously an immediate mortal threat upon ones life requires a different approach. It's called a 45.


SCADA........ Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. This is precisely what you will see on the top right side of a schematic of any such a system. The sky train in Vancouver is run by a SCADA ( main computer system ) which is why you see few transit employees other than security. The brain knows the condition of every square millimeter of the entire operation, guideway's, tracks, cars, terminals, traffic, and on and on as well as operating the sky train itself regulating it according to need and starting trains from a dead stop at the moment that other trains are braking thus feeding that kinetic energy of the braking trains into the trains coming up to speed. Quite sophisticated, and I am talking 1980s technology here, where are we at with this technology now? I can assure anyone that it's application will have spread far and wide in the snoop and scoop arena run by quasy in with government agencies. Gotta go,,,,,,,