Hard Rock Analyst (HRA) used to recommend CEM. The October 2010 issue can be downloaded as a free sample issue and on p.10 & 11 is an update on the CEM recommendation. A review of the Palmer Project  concludes by saying,"Whatever the short term market for base metals may hold this is too good a project to be ignored by the market forever". Constantine was trading at $0.21 in the Oct. 2010 issue.

It is interesting that CEM is almost the only recommendation in that issue that is trading significantly lower now than it was 3 years ago. Other stocks in the Oct 2010 issue and their prices at that time were Kaminak ($0.48), Underworld ($1.5), Goldquest ($0.14), Nevsun ($2.76), & Riverstone ($0.32). Today's prices are Kaminak $1.44, Underworld (acquired by KGC at $2.62), Goldquest $0.55 - GQC was over $2.0 last year, Nevsun $3.99, and Riverstone $0.45.

CEM in the meantime is down from $0.21 to $0.075 - it has lost 65% of its value, probably as a result of all the private placements needed to fund work at Palmer. But that share dilution was needed, Garfield personally bought a 10% + position in the company, and the investment in Palmer has paid off in spades! HRA has an excellent record of spotting winners and recommending them early. I hope they realize that they dropped the ball with Constantine and revisit and renew their earlier recommendation.