Constantine has become the bane of my existence in the Jr. Resource market. It has driven me up the wall so many times now that I can't keep track.


Feb. 1st is just two days away and the stock ain't exactly acting enthusiastically considering that the Dowa deal is about to be signed. They've put out 3 different news releases that say it's going to be signed. I check the website everyday now to see that that video is still up. I talked to a young lady at the company a couple weeks ago and she seemed to be pretty confident about the deal.


I try to rationalize the trading by thinking that the deal itself will only mean more drilling, not necessarily more mineralization and the market isn't exactly paying a high price even for results now, let alone just the opportunity to drill.


It just BUGS me. What also bugs me is that we haven't heard anymore about Golden Mile. They said a month ago that Teck was paying for work there but we haven't heard another word about it. Are they doing any overburden drilling or what?


I really like Constantine but it's either gonna make me money or KILL me.