The structure of this deal with Dowa seemed so unusual that I thought I'd investigate a bit and I found this:


Apparently Dowa (along with Sumitomo) set up a deal almost exactly like this back in 1992 where they got 49% of the Tizapa Mine in Mexico. The deal was with Minera Tizapa, S.A. which is a subsidiary of Mines Penoles. So they've come to the Western Hemisphere for metals concentrates before under pretty much the same terms. This doesn't mean this deal will work out, but now we know it's not unprecendented.


I figure we need a "minimum" of about $3.5 million for ONE full season's work at Palmer. $3 mill. to get two drills turning and $500K to stabilize Constantine's finances. If they can drill for a season they WILL expand this resource dramatically because Darwin Green knows this property inside out. Once they get the resource to 10-15 million tonnes of 43-101 mineralization we should be off to the races and further financing with Dowa or anybody else shouldn't be a problem.


Hope others find this interesting too...