This NR ( O knocking on the door ) couldn't happen at a better time.

The last six weeks in most markets ( Dow, NASDAQ, TSC, TSC.V. ) have seen a steady sell and decline in the indexes continuing on now with tax loss selling. The TSX.V having been hit hardest down 10% plus in that time frame reveals the apathy and lack of interest in any solid good news by ignoring it in general with only a hand full of stalwart speculators shaking the hand of old man Opportunity.

I have been a shareholder in CEM for about 2 years now, buying more on the TECK agreement NR, and now I am doing the same on the Dowa deal NR although it is not yet finalized. The opportunity here is being able to buy CEM shares at the current low price, there is not a cents worth of premium here for the progressive fortune here for CEM and it's shareholders.