Draghi is in (unless the German court suddenly comes out against it, which doesn't seem likely at this point), so now we wait for Bernanke to throw his chips in at the FED meeting this week. Bernanke has already hinted strongly that he would also offer his own QE if necessary and last weeks employment numbers seem to indicate that it IS necessary. So ALL the "macro ducks" seem to be lining up perfectly.


We're seeing movement in some of the Jrs. now. Not just the GQC's that have drill results that "deserve" attention, but also the BITT's and TYE's and CGD's that are just moving on speculation.


BTW...I've traded GQC and I've owned TYE and CGD for a while. I've never owned BITT, but that could change.  I only post here now and that's only because no one else was posting here at the time and I really really liked Constantine and I thought I could use this thread as sort of a journal or something.. Constantine may turn out to be not too good (and that's happened to me before), but there's just something that I really liked about the company. The whole thing could be senility, but before they stopped me from talking to anybody I seemed to be able to talk to everybody. I never talked to Mr. McVeigh, but I got to talk to people that don't seem to normally don't talk to people. I enjoyed the experience and I think I may have learned things that you don't usually learn.


Tomorrow's a Monday. I like Monday's in the world of Jr. miners. They are a fresh new start and an opportunity to present news.