I really don't know at this point. No one at Constantine will take my calls.


That could just be because of my personality, so I'd suggest that others try and get some information and see if communication is  closed to all or just me.


Since I don't have any way to verify anything anymore I have to deduce. I'm deducing that the Teck JV is not going as planned. When they were talking to me they all seemed to be indicating that drilling on Golden Mile was a priority and would happen as soon as possible. Maybe Teck is fudging a bit and wants much more ground work done before they jump into the real expensive stuff like drilling. If that's the case then great, I just wish they would say that.


On vein #2 we've had mentions of drilling for 8 months or more so I don't think I was spilling any beans in talking about the hopes for that. I would assume that the drilling there has been put off because the drilling at Golden Mile has been put off. I appreciate that Constantine isn't spending any more money than necessary in this current lousy market.


I bought Constantine because of their Properties and Management. Those haven't changed (the properties have actually improved) and that's why I still like Constantine.


Darwin, if you don't want to talk to me I can live with it (I've been married for 35 years so I'm used to it), but talk to somebody else or give us some other venue to get information (another youtube thing?---I'm not into guys but you were VERY attractive in that last one).


I'd really like to see Constantine get something going because I think Draghi is going to announce that he's going to start buying bonds in September and that could really give gold a kick.