It's difficult to quantify exactly what the shares would be worth if they are able mine that vein and net $10 million or so from the gold (I've heard much higher expectations, but that's really presumptuous until they actually drill and find out what's there).


I would assume that the price would go up to at least "cash value", which would be bit higher than the current price and that's not including any value from the properties.


They really have high hopes for Palmer (Green did his thesis on it) and they haven't been able to do any more followup drilling there in quite a while. They think it's ludicrous to do any financings with the market the way it is and they're hoping Vein #2 can provide the cash they need to get back to drilling Palmer.


So, I really can't give you a guess on where I think the stock will go and when it will get there until we see some follow through on these other things. They may hit something at Geen Mile. They feel lucky to have gotten that property and even with the JV they are still locked in at 34%. Phoenix is another interesting property and they may be drilling there in a couple months or so.


That may not answer your question, but it's the best I can do.