I've come to the conclusion that Vein #2 is the THING right now. They hit 4 meters of 18g/t gold at less than 50 meters and they seem to have come to the conclusion that that is part of the incredibly highgrade Munro-Croesus that was MISSED on the first go round.


If there's 400 meters or so of strike in that vein then we are talking some really easily mined gold with incredible value. That could provide enough money to drill Palmer and delineate a resource that might not only have highgrade copper and zinc but also some exceptional silver as seen in boulders and ALSO outcrop. As a "stand alone" property, Palmer is a compnay maker.


The surface stuff they hit at the property next to Fenn-Gibb is nice but it really doesn't mean much. It's only 1-2 gram stuff and they'd have to drill it and find continuity to really get a good deal from Lake Shore. They've had discussions with Lake Shore but they want to drill it themselves before they make any deal.


The great thing about Constantine is that it is a company with some of the best properties in the Yukon yet those properties aren't really considered in its valuation at this point. Atac has hit 11 grams over 40 meters at Rackla and one of Constantine's properties is right on trend with that property yet CEM gets NO play from that. Of course Atac isn't getting any play from the 40 meters of 11 grams either really, so it's tough all around.