Make sure to check out the video that accompanies the news release.


Back in 2007 they used MMI geochemistry to identify 2 possible anomalies under the shallow lake on the Green Mile property. From what I understand they have used a slightly more advanced form of this (still involving ions migrating to the surface from an underground mineral source) to identify another couple of anomalies on land. These new anomalies seem to be "on trend" with those found under the lake. They talk as if they want to get some drills in the ground as soon as possible on these land anomalies.


The new sampling on vein #2 (the lost vein?) seems to make that target even more attractive. That gold is less than 50 meters beneath the surface. If they find enough high grade they could drive an adit into that sucker and pull out enough gold to finance the company for quite a while. It will only take about 750 meters of drilling to see if there's enough there.


Now, if Draghi will just follow through with his Spanish and Italian bond buying we could see some GOOD times from Constantine......