The European Central Bank has indicated that they will do what is necessary to save the Eurozone.

The FED has indicated they still have some tricks in their bag to stimulate a moribund economy.


If you're a Jr. Mining stock investor coming into the 3rd quarter which is usually a strong quarter for this particular sector then you have some HOPE, for a change.


If you're a Constantine Metal investor, then you may have more reason for hope than others in this sector. That's because it seems we are still on for a JV with TECK that will allow us to get some drills in the ground on the new property we just added. The drilling certainly won't be a "sure thing" because a lot of the targeting is based on MMI stuff which is "ions attached to particles" on surface some 200 meters above any bedrock source so it's kinda touch and go and may take a lot of downhole geophysics to even figure out if there's anything down there. They COULD hit on the first hole though (which I'm hoping for).


I believe the company is trying to get some other stuff going on other properties too (without diluting us to death). That would mean doing JV's on anything and everything if necessary. If they get 34% from TECK with TECK paying the freight on Golden Mile and Phoenix, then I'd love to see them get 34% on Palmer too if it would mean they'd get the property to the mine stage.


Let's SPIN OFF those Yukon properties too. The BRILLIANT geologists of Constantine FOUND these properties, let's let OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY pay to bring them to fruition!!!


The PREMISE of this post is that things will look good on the world markets for the next 3 months or so. If they actually keep Spanish and Italian bond prices down and Bernanke actually finds a way to stimulate the movement of capital in a meaningful way.


That's a big IF..