Who knows the $1 timeline. Its a guess and the stock should move on futrue earnings. There are many examples.   I think on the signing of contracts that will be the kicker. Hey, look at biotech for instance. There are stocks that are $20 on no earnings or $6 in phase 3.  How about Copper Mountain...$3 dollars before they even produced a buck.  What stocks do you buy??? I bought Bull Dog Resources at $1 many years ago and it got taken out and went to $19. Success. And yes, I have bought some real losers too. My experience with venture stock is that this stock , has a very high potential for success and making owners of stock now..a lot of $$ Lately some federal MPs and minsters are discussing the possibility of more rail to move oil and the need of more refineries....PEP has both. What more do you want????? Buy SNSS...if you have extra cash