Let's be a little more professional here. This blame game is for kids. You will not find a stronger company supporter than I am. I see their financing. No one gives a fly by night micro cap pump and dump 25 million dollars. It just doesn't happen if they don't have the goods.

 With respect to the micro refineries, in my opinion it's a huge game changer and these financing wizards see this . I work in the industry I know exactly what they are about to embark on. I know what the spreads are from buying the raw product to selling the finished product. I know what the cash flow should be for each unit. I know how long each mod should take to build.

 What I try to do is keep the small investor informed [ good or bad ] of what should take place and what the time frame should be. I will also post future projections once they announce construction dates and expected completion dates.

A recap of what we should expect to see by way of news releases over the next four to six weeks max.

#1- exchange approval of the financing ( this should have happened 3 days after the announced the financing)

#2- Production partner

#3- Starting date of construction

#4- Expected construction completion date

#5- Expected commencement of production ( first projection )

#6- Commencement of production ( final projection)

Last but not least, preparation of the mod yard should start now. Grading and the set up of your temporary power  for all the trades. Ordering of all the material and equipment. Some of your equipment will have a 12 week lead time. You want to make a comprehensive work schedule so delivery dates are very important to meet completion dates.