you people know me I tell it like it is. If it's good they get praise if it's bad they get dumped on. House #1 is dumping in large chunks. House #1 is used by people close to a company or financial institutions that don't want people to know where the selling is coming from.

On another front. The last news release was fluff. We knew that the financing was is the works from the previous news release. With respect to the financier. These things are very hard to keep under raps. Seldom is there any leaks from a company but through the financial community when questions are asked in the proper places the information is usually available in a way you can piece it together.

Until this company releases the full pitcher, construction dates, where the mods are being placed, our partner and a business plan. Then gets the information out to the worlds investing public.

This stock goes no where with no interest. I know I will not tell sole until the information is public.