There was a great story on Global National News coverage last night concerning the Keystone pipeline from Alberta into the United States. The inetresting part of the story was near the end of the story and it wasn't just about Keystone but about all piplenes and the lack of capacity in the current pipleines. The story went on to say how Canadian oil is being discounted by as much as $20 per barrel to the US market as space to take that oil is so limited to the US refineries.Canada ships 2 million barrels per day to the US so that is $40 million in Revenue that is being lost. This means less to the producers and less to the provincial and federal governments. This shortfall in revenue means less money available for goverment services and a greater burden on Canadian tax payers.

This is where the modular refinery that Petrostar will be bringing to Canada  can solve a lot of these issues, take pressure off existing pipelines and pay the producers what the real price of the commodity is selling for. There is lots of room not just a few of these refineries but several all over western Canada and this company Petrostar has the ability to provide the solution to help fill the need in this market.

Anyone can got to Globals website at and watch the story from the Jan 22nd broadcast and you will better understand the significance of what Petrostar is bringing to the table.