I guess the news never came this week. It was a long shot for this past week, their financing news release did say 14 days which would take them into next week.

 I think I am like many of you here. Have taken a position but waiting in the wings for those quality news releases to confirm everything, then jump in with both feet if they are what we expect. I know if they are what we hope for I will triple my position. Waiting, waiting and waiting.

I see there is two houses trying to keep the share price down by making small sells at days end. This is a good indication of something substantial is about to happen. This is another one of those signs you look for in a micro cap stock that's about to move. I think 40 years of playing these micro cap plays has taught me what to look for and when to look for it

I suspect this coming week is going to be a profitable time for those invested in PEP.