What does this financing do for the company.

#1- instant credibility

#2- minimual dilution

#3- cash flowing within 8 months

#4- something you can base future earnings on

#5- we will now be able to estimate future share prices

#6- this will give the stock a substantial speculative boost

#7- This will no longer be just another venture exchange pump.

 Here are some numbers going forward.

There is an $80 difference between a raw barrel of oil and a refined barrel of oil. The company will be building 2 micro refineries for their partner. Each refinery produces 2500 bpd. That is $200,000 per day cash flow with 40% going to PEP before years end. Thats 30 million or say 75 cents a share when dilution is added in. That my friends tells me we are heading to $3 a share with only two refineries.