Cantex Mine Development Corp. (CD)


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Insider Summary for Cantex Mine Development Corp.  (CD:CA)   
0.015 0.00 (0.00%) Volume: 1.16 m 3:59 PM EST Feb 13, 2013
Canadian Filings
SEDI Insider Trades
   Last 3 Mo Last 12 Mo
Number of Insider Trades  0 5
Number of Buys  0 5
Number of Sells  0 0
Net Activity  0 7,520,000
Last 5 Trades Shares Bought Shares Sold
Fipke, Charles Edgar   4,000,000  
Ulansky, Chad Stanley   1,020,000  
Fipke, Charles Edgar   2,000,000  
Bauer, Keiven   200,000  
Bauer, Keiven   300,000  
  All Insiders Activity for CD:CA