Yes it is and one that knows how to play un-like your truly can make themselves a small fortune all the way up. That is if if keeps going up A-1 does have a good point as he/she/they say's will gobble up those 1/2/3/cent shares millions of them until they to can profit by selling at their price Now if you,re willing to wait out the years 14/15 for moi you MIGHT do much better than again one has to consider that Suwar was the once defined as world class potential and we all know how that ended.IMHO it will be quite a few more years before anything is developed to an actual productive mine. and as for WCP having any effect on Cantex PP well if Vale is any indication of the effect WCP will have Take it while you can.Al Hariqa is at this time just another play WCP can pull out anytime as is Yukon/Nevada.No Guarantees in either cases. I can;t even remember what I bought at >96 I think and yes averaged down to WHAT?????? lol play this puppy all you can and good luck.