Buy at 1 cent----sell at 2 cents----is it a good idea? On the surface the answer seems to be "YES"--- on a deeper look, the answer is "NO" Let's analyze things.

You caught a good break and you bought 1 million shares at 1 cent---total cost $10,000. You got another break and sold the works for 2 cents for a total of $20,000. You pocketed $10,000 ---let's make it $7500 because you will trigger capital gains. Now what? If you are not a Cantex fan---move on and if you are---what are the chances at picking up 1 million shares of Cantex at 1 cent? With guys like me around, your chances are about zero ---because I am already accumulating daily at 2 cents and am prepared to pay more, as the 2 cents clears up. In my view--- it really is a buying opportunity of a lifetime!

The ability to see the big picture is key. In reasonably quick succession you have fundamental changes that are about to take place. By the end of March/13, WCP will play an outstanding role in Al Hariquah, Yemen--- followed up--- by a "strong" possibility for a joint venture on one of the Yukon claims. Arguably, you could make the claim that Yukon is far away from real money. That, however is not the case for Al Hariquah where the focus will be on determinig the extent of the gold resource with forthcoming drill results. There will be progressive NEWS on both projects ---DEFINITELY this year. If there is so much as an iota of positive news, Cantex stock will jump like we have not seen for a long time.

So, if you have been patient for many years and purchased recently to average down---DON'T look at the pennies you can be making now. Rather, consider it a tremendous expense to sell now because you are GIVING AWAY BIG DOLLARS which will be yours for the taking, in the months ahead.

For those of you who remember Murray Pezim---he had a saying. We in Vancouver get the small crumbs--the pennies--the big guys in Toronto---get the big dollars. It does not have to be that way. The choice is ours! How we act now--- determines what we really deserve.