now that the kids finaly got the mesege about playing with ratings lol, whom ever came up with they sure bought into a personality lol...

i trully like your posts even if they are via elsewhere you talk little but make big sounds..dboy

oh baker that day i saw you @ cibc bank i hope you change your dypers since then you are the best..

well i'm tired of being tired and me thinks that after 2and a half facking years i'll let this so call spot light go,after all some of you are thretend by little me lol...

remember to tell your kids keep yer stick on the hice and yer head up, and you may make the big time..

 now that things are kind of in place we should see some light soon but don't let the guard down cuz these people are trully  giniouses, i like that word intrigue...hey boss i turn anyone inside out even backwards..

Feliz   Navidad y un prospero ano Henry.

oh and these cd and mtx people have s