An interesting post from WCP Hotcopper board last night.  Thanks Berwick


Those watching WCP must be thinking " Is this the real thing this time ". Well i believe it is and these are the reasons why,
-Ian Middlemas has been there for 3yrs and just on statistical analysis his companies normaly proceed to an advanced stage by then. He has a huge following and definitely one of the smartest and well respected chairmans going round. You would back this company just purely because he is there.
-Peter Woodman a very experienced geoligist and wouldn't put his name to anything sub standard or dubious. His experience and history speaks volumes of success
-Levi Munchin a man who has been there before and no door is out of bounds for him, a man with incredible drive enthusiasm and talent.
- Yemen a sleeping giant, the annual report talks about the huge potential there but what intrigues me most is that this project was acquired while Ian Middlemas was chairman of WCP, which tells me one thing clearly, it must be a great project with clear paths of success or he wouldnt be bothered with it. So why haven't we heard much about Yemen well thats the burning question and i can only assume that something will begin soon as their agreement with Cantex states they have to spend a certain amount in a 2yr period and we have been there already one year.
If Yemen was no good we would have left by now so something must be brewing.
-Finally the share price has risen and volumes increased above the normal trading levels, that alone tells me the weak are leaving and smart money are adding to their positions, always a positive sign to a company that will be re-rated and reaching new highs.
- Of course these are only my assumptions and everyone should invest according to their own DD's.
Merry Xmas everyone and i do hope santa has something for us this year