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Cantex Mine Development Corp V.CD

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals
Alternate Symbol(s):  CTXDF | CTXDD

Cantex Mine Development Corp is a mining company engaged in the acquisition & exploration of mineral properties for commercial mineral deposits, primarily exploring nickel, copper, cobalt, platinum & gold resources in Yemen.
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0 stars

a few crumbs for atac..............it will cost a fortune to

build a mine in that area and probably take 20 years if it ever happens.....power & fuel costs will be the limiting factor http://www.gotgoldreport.com/2014/08/atac-resources-intersects-3079-m-of-950...read more
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pathfinder elements

CANTEX ANNOUNCES INTERSECTION OF ANOMALOUS PATHFINDER ELEMENT AT YUKON GOLD PROJECT   Kelowna, Canada - August 26, 2014 - Cantex Mine Development Corp. (TSXV : CD) ("Cantex" or...read more
3 stars

me thinks that the fip

was a secret agent in his previus life he keeps everything to himself... and in this life he is a drunken sailor when it comes to his lab he never seems to get there two steps forward three steps back...read more
3 stars

83,448,797 outstang shares

lets hope that by the time todays news that the samples are going to cf lab we don't hit 300 million shares...great news non the less...  rate and reply
2.5 stars

i know

keep them thoughts and relax...i know your thoughts before they even come up...relax...this is a 2to3 dollar company...at least...  rate and reply
5 stars

uno is ready to climb

this chad goof has fipke with a wet dyeper...as i said before cd is been abandon...  rate and reply
5 stars

and one of your

sons like black angus me i preffer a good old fashion stake and potato...  rate and reply
5 stars

chaddy baby

you think your digging me but i think otherwise...5 cents would be nice my boy and send one of your boys to shine my shoes i'm going out manana and my shoes got to look favulous...  rate and reply
3.5 stars

oh charley

it looks like your plan has worked to a t, now you are full of shares of uno cd mtx but by your lonesome...i kept telling you don't over use your powers and manapulating ways but you just don't capish...read more
3 stars

older chap with light hair but grey now coz you dye yer hair

yer having fun you joung guy you, the nig nogs aren't so happy but they don't count at any rate worth nothing but a waist of life to the good people...i'm saying 60 of joung age to keep things light...read more
3 stars

at last some light

chad cant contain himself after mostly losing all by himself so chuck took over and cd is ready to do some pretty good things soon soon soon....happines around the corner with a lot of chat to boot...read more
0 stars

RE:Who Bought?

Yes, according to the Early Warning report issued Friday. 2nd tranche should be for 20 million shares- we will have to see who the buyer(s) are on that one. Once that is complete the o/s share should...read more
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Who Bought?

Did Chuck buy the shares himself?  rate and reply
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Cantex closes $750,000 first tranche of financing

Cantex Mine Development Corp (2) (C:CD)  Shares Issued 68,448,792 Last Close 8/15/2014 $0.065 Monday August 18 2014 - News Release Mr. Charles Fipke reports CANTEX CLOSES FIRST TRANCHE OF...read more
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RE:Fantastic News Coming Down The Pipe!

Acapone1 wrote: Finally some good news comes down!.......              Link points to binary file; possible virus!  rate and reply
3 stars

RE:more shares

Since Dundee dumped all his shares Chuck hasn't found anyone else to take an interest in CD and he is forced to buy all this unwanted paper. Any more financings at five cents and we're looking at a...read more
2 stars

more shares

he will have enough wallpaper to do all of Kelowna soon.  rate and reply
0 stars

RE:something new on Saba News

They restricted access to the website, and now they have it up and running without any mention of a problem. If this is how they deal with problems they must have a lot  of troubles in that country.  rate and reply
0 stars

something new on Saba News

I seldom check this site for news in Yemen. One of their own hacked the website. Check it out.  rate and reply
5 stars

this company should have called itself

if we would have dealt in goof faith we would have been better off but we are fuch ups...  rate and reply