Hey all,


I don't post much on this BB - as a matter of fact I think this is my first post on this BB. Can anyone shed light on what's going on with this company? 2 NPV's, both are really good, and we sit at 10 freaking cents? I can't figure out why there's a sell off. If this is just institutional investors finding other deals, then why aren't there buyers since this is such a discount?


I've contacted Commerce asking them why. I have not received an answer yet. Like someone said a few posts back, this is definately a head scratcher. I don't own a lot of CCE, just 50+K shares, so I'm not that worried about CCE dropping further. It still is a bit baffling how it's possible that a company with billions in NPV value sit at 10 cents. Please, if you have any reasons that this stock is where it is, chime in. If you have any theories, I would also love to hear it!