well reddead is seems to me you have not read the news release or cant understand its substance which does not surprise me because all you ever have to write is dribble. so why are you on this board if you dont like cce? what kind of research have you done on ree companies bet u i know more then you do. in my next couple of posts i will list ree companies that dont even stad a chance of becoming a mine for one reason only, and the fact that they have mineral hosted rocks that have never been crack and separated before, here is a hint for you st---d you can find most of this information by using the internet, so before you come out with dum--ss comments and it is very apparent you have no clue in this space get yourself educated on the subject. untill then i suggest you stay off this board it doesnt suit you, and if it is true you are a broker i would hate to be one of your clients.

have you heard this christmas song