I have to wonder with all the experts out there why the lack of comments on the recent news release?

this is a significant release many things were accomplished for the minerology

1) removed 87% of waist rock and upgraded to a 20% concentrate what do you think that does to the   costsof processing?

2) fully disolved the concentrate into solution i think that would be the start of cracking.

3) now introducing chemicals to drop out the individual elements i would say starting to seperate?

if  one considers the fact the eldor is hosted by commercially processed minerals and molycorp has the same kind of minerals and does get some minerology work done over at hazen labs, by the way the same people that are working on our minerology, i would think it wont be to long before cce becomes the first junior to seperate their concentrate into individual oxides. Now i dont want to throw a dart here it is not the same as ucores news release where by a doctor concocks a similar concentrate in  a lab simililar to ucores mineral types and says he can possibly seperate it.

another thing to consider is cce bread basket price used in the pea is still lower then the market on the oxides today so priced very conservative