Rai, if you're using this Tax Loss reason as an excuse for CCE's recent sell off, you have your blinders on there, my friend!  Read what's being posted and you'll soon realize, just what is being said....CCE has nothing in the near future to move the share price forward!  I'm going out on the limb here to say that by the end of DEC, don't be too surprise to see CCE @ .12 or so!! 

Remember about 18 months ago when it went from .50 to about .90 in just a week or two?  Well, those days are gone!

Ask Chris if he's taking any request for the staff party in Dec.....my request is 'Lonesome Loser' by the Little River Band.  And for my gem: v.DCY, can you ask him to play 'Celebration' by Kool and the Gang!!