Normally this would be close to being a correct statement Paulna, as land can be expropriated if the govt deems that the second party (here it is Cascadero) is in the way of a resource being developed that would benefit the nation as a whole.  What is different here is the fact that there have now been at least two drill holes on the Francisco property that have large intersections of economic copper.  The government can not just take this away now but must promote proper negotiations between the parties involved. There is a resource on CCD land.   Cascadero has been working this area longer than Lumina, in fact - if my sources are correct - they have been working this zone for more than 10 years.  From their press releases, they are onto more than just the copper at Lumina. The way I see it, this is still a very good opportunity for CCD shareholders.  Thanks for the participation.  I am enjoying the banter.