The exploration results deserve far better than yesterday's response.

1. The JV'd claims are inextricably linked to Lumina. When Lumina sells out to a major these two claims go with it because no mining operation can happen without them.

2. There is a mineable deposit of copper on the first JV'd claim which can be mined when Lumina's proven up deposit is mined.

3. The gold find in the second JV'd claim reveals a completely separate geology to the copper geology in the first JV'd claim and will likely extend on to other CCD claims.

These claims were already worth a great deal more than the current shareprice the day that the JV was announced but there was little change in the shareprice when the JV was announced. On top of that you now have a mineable copper deposit which has not been priced in and once again there is little change in the shareprice.

More exploration needs to be done to determine the extent of what is there. But it is there and yesterday's results have proved it.

Moreover, this is not the only exploration or JV ongoing at CCD.