@nbt420 I heard that the assay results had been received for the first JV'd claim but I didn't know when they were received. Where did you hear or read the date 'January 4' from? I think that in this case you may know more than I do if the date is accurate. Don't take any notice of the shareprice action. Nothing that has happened so far in this shareprice action is negative. It is typical action for a very bullish move. These actions are quite often roller-coaster rides for small cap stocks. I promise you that patience will pay off on this one.

If the news that we heard regarding the assays is accurate there are a number of reasons why they are taking more time than what would normally be expected. The main reason will be 'timing'. The 'timing' depending on what other news they might want to release is incredibly important.

However, it is worth knowing, that if they know something that we do not know that they cannot take advantage of that knowledge before the information is released to the shareholders. That is a legal obligation. If anybody on the board is caught taking advantage of news (and legally it makes no difference  if that news is good or bad) they will go to prison. So rest assured that the shareprice action that you are seeing is not influenced by them.

You are right that I am more bullish about this stock than anybody. I have been studying it longer than anybody. I have a very good idea of what the exploration results will be and I have had a large stake that I have held for years (not months). I have paid more on average per share than most of you have. So you will all profit much more from this percentage-wise than I will. But I think that I will also be the last person on this bulletin board to sell my stake because I know the long term potential of this stock. The only thing that will make me sell my stake sooner is if the CEO of CCD says that he will start a mining operation. When he says that I will my entire stake so that three months before the mining operation starts I will no longer have any shares. I don't want a stake in a mining operation. I only want a stake in the fruits of the exploration.