NOW we are getting the words that we wanted to hear from you for the past month.  And that is when will the news come out, the answer to that is your "another 3-4 weeks...".  But you always led on as if news was imminent, imminent is not 2 months down the road!

Your certifiable nut as you call him is probably not that dumb, he knows of the timing of the news release which is why he is taking avantage of guys like you and me who have been buying at 0.12 and 0.125 (please don't deny that, because I bought the same 2 days that you did at those prices).

And as for clueless me, well let me tell you that the 50 dma crossing the 200 dma downward is called the cross of death, and you will soon see why it's called that.  Now starts the real pain, RSI is heading towards 30, ouch!

Those 2 parameters without the help of good news will drive the sp to a year low.

As I mentioned before, the guy(s) that have so much stock in hand know more about what is going on than retail buyers like you and me.

What is unfolding here is a similar story to what just came out with GGN.  Anything that drags, stinks!

With all due respect, cheers.